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This is the best lesbian sex site I have seen so far. They custom shoot all their videos.
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Everyone has their own idea as to what makes hot lesbian movies. Personally, I like to see real passion between the girls. You can tell the fake acting crap from girls who are really turned on by one another. Girls who are into it kiss each other really passionately, and caress each other, and just can't seem to keep their hands off each other, and kiss every few minutes. I hate the lesbian sex where the girls just start jamming dildo in each other after kissing for like 5 seconds. You gotta have a nice slow build-up with good long foreplay. Plenty of kissing and gently feeling each other and undressing each other. It also should be realistic -  scenes you can  imagine actually happening - not these ridiculous scenarios that would never happen in a million years. Hot lesbian movies in the bedroom is great because it's realistic - on the couch, in a sorority or dorm room, shower, hot tub, that's all awesome.

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